Pyramidion (2022)

Symphony Orchestra
Recording Coming Soon

Duration: 7 minutes | Composed: 2022 | Commissioned: Sydney Symphony Orchestra (50 fanfares) | Conducted by Sir Donald Runnicles | World Premiere: September 2022 | Recording: Coming soon.

piano/harp/strings (min

A Pyramidion is a very special and particular stone that tops a pyramid (or an obelisk, in Egypt), and is itself a miniature pyramid. Very few, if any Pyramidions have been found still sitting atop their pyramids and, if they still exist, are usually unearthed somewhere nearby their original resting place.
In comparison to the magnitude and size of a pyramid, it’s capstone is minute. Yet it is arguably the most important stoneplaced on the structure as it brings the entire pyramid to a point at the same angle and proportions as the main body.
While this piece for the Sydney Symphony Orchestra’s 50 Fanfare project is one of the shorter orchestral works that I have composed, the goal of the composition is to portray a punchy, angular entity that feels unified through the repetition and development of the opening motif.

Full Score - Digital (PDF) $50 USD / $58 AUD
This score won't be available until after the WP in Septmber 2022.