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I've been involved and around music all of my life, so even though I can distinguish between those 'accomplished' moments and the more private personal triumphs, I don't always get to articulate that in the biography that you'll see slapped on the back of a concert program.

Becoming a composer has been an interesting and challenging journey - I didn't decide with absolute intent that I wanted to be one until I was 14 years old. Before then I was terrified that I might become a concert pianist... and probably the worlds most nervous, mousey one at that. But the revelation that composing was a very real possibility, and one that I rejoiced in working towards, changed everything. What did it? A competition of course. I wrote this strange, long 10 minute piece for piano, wrote it all out in ink, then performed it by memory. I remember fighting with my parents (both music teachers) about the ending... to their ears it didn't sound like it ended properly (you know, with a cadence or something). But that's how I wanted it. Turns out that was one of the reasons the adjudicator liked my music so much. That was also probably the extent of my rebellion as a teenager.

Ever since then it's always been about writing music. The reality that I might not become a successful composer never occured to me. You might call this blind faith but I honestly think that not having room (or time) for doubt and just getting on with it is what helped propell me forward all of these years.

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