Piano Sonata No. 2 (2021)

Solo Piano
Recording Coming Soon

Duration: 25 minutes | Composed: 2022 | Commissioned by Alex Raineri | World Premiere: Brisbane 2021 | Recording: Coming Soon.

This work is based on the lesser known Hans Christian Anderson story “A Story from the Sand Dunes”. The narrative follows the life of Jörgen, whose noble Spanish parents perished on the Jutland reefs. His mother barely made it ashore where she gave birth to him with the last of her energy and life. We see Jörgen grow up happy and content with his life, despite the relative poverty he lives in with his adoptive family. There are often comparisons made between his life as a fisherman in the sand dunes of Denmark, and what his life might have been like as Spanish nobleman. Throughout the story there are significant events that take place and there is a wonderful cyclical structure to the story where certain locations or scenarios return but with an important change which reflects the development in the story. It is these important moments that I have focused on in this piece.

I – The Shore’s Playground
II – The Party
III – Aesepige
IV – Your Crime Will Cost You Your Life
V – The King’s Son Clasped His Maiden Fair.


Full Score - Digital and Hardcopy are available for purchase via the Australian Music Centre