Arthur Liou - Kora (2012)

Electronic Sound Performance

Duration: 14 minutes
Composed: 2012
Music composition by Aaron Travers and Melody Eötvös.
Melody Eötvös, electronic sound performance.
Aaron Higgins, field recording, camera co-operator.
Directed and produced by Jawshing Arthur Liou.

"In the summer of 2011, I embarked on a four-week expedition to western Tibet, including a four-day kora around Kailash. The mountain seems perfect and its shape, deliberate beyond any natural thing. Such form inherently points to a higher reality—a realm that predates the existence of language and religions. The harsh elements and expansive landscape turned my thoughts inward. There was no immediate enlightenment, but gradual realization—that the pilgrimage is an external mirror to my solemn confrontation with past and future. The kora, as a circle, has no beginning or end." - Arthur Liou