Kevin O. Mooney - 365247 2012 (2015)

Electronic Sound Performance

Video Excerpt

Full Audio

Original Duration: 59 minutes
Excerpt: 5 mins
Full Length Audio: 1 hour
Composed: 2015
Music composition by Melody Eötvös.
Directed and produced by Kevin O. Mooney

365247•2012 is a time-based piece created by Kevin O. Mooney. Rooted in still photography, the work is presented as a video projection. The more than 250,000 still images, presented as a photographic stop-motion animation, allow the viewer to witness the artist’s day-to-day routines, the same activities that are experienced by many on a daily basis. When interacting with the piece, the past and future are viewed simultaneously. Ultimately, a year in the artist’s life is presented in under an hour, offering others the opportunity to vicariously participate and find meaning in mundane activities while also reexamining their own unrecognized minutes, hours and days.