After the Zooids (2015)

Percussion Quartet

Duration: 90 seconds | Composed: 2015 | Commissioned by John Garren for Synergy Percussion 40 by 40 project | Performed by Timothy Constable, Bree van Reyk, Joshua Hill, and Claire Edwardes.

A Zoöid is a single animal that belongs to a greater colonial animal, as I most recently discovered of the Portuguese Man ‘o War. While the Zoöids are multicellular creatures and their structure is like that of any other solitary animal, they are still connected (either by tissue or by sharing a common exoskeleton) to a colonial organism. This term can also be used to describe more generally an organized body that has independent movement within its various parts.

Upon discovering that the Sixxen was a part of Synergy’s instrumentation I decided to pair two of them with two vibraphones as well as explore some ‘bridging’ instruments that might also connect to the Sixxen/Vibes timbre. The result is a metallic zoon (the term, singular and in the world of the Zoöids, used to describe the organism as a whole) that simultaneously moves as a whole, yet maintains the individuality of its various parts through exploring a single tone-row (the nice kind) and tethering the microtonal Sixxen to the Vibes.


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