The Waves (2017)

Solo Violin

Duration: 4 minutes | Composed: 2017 (Commission by Michi Theurer) | Premiered Dairy Center, Boulder CO March 13th 2017 | Recorded and Performed by Michi Theurer.

Solo Violin

These two pieces for solo violin were commissioned by and composed for Michi Theurer. They are part of a larger project Circling the Waves involving five other composers and the paintings Michi created in response to Virginia Woolf's The Waves .

From when I received the wonderful prints in the mail, I had Chrysalis at the front of the pack and kept it this was for quite a while. The prints were propped up on a shelf in front of my desk so I spent the most time looking at C. It seemed natural for me to focus on this one first. Along with The Stone, these two prints come across to me as the most calm. This comes through in the work I composed for the Stone, however not so much in Chrysalis where the inner movement of the image wins out over the calm.

The Stone
This is the much shorter of the two pieces and focuses on a single thematic idea. The idea lasts only long enough to be heard in full once, as solid as a stone, then is gone.


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