Tardigradus (2017)

Flute (Pic.), Rice Bowls or Vibraphone, Fixed-media

Duration: 6 minutes | Composed: 2017 (Commissioned by Ensemble Offspring as part of the Arc Electric concert) | World Premiere: Sydney Opera House, Utzon Room 5th March 2017, Performed by Claire Edwardes and Lamorna Nightingale |

NOTE: There are three versions of this work: 1) Flute (pic.) and Rice Bowls + fixed-audio; 2) Flute (pic.) and Vibraphone + fixed-audio; and 3) solo Flute (pic.) and fixed-audio.

The Tardigrade (meaning: “Slow Stepper”), also known as a water bear or moss piglet, is a microscopic animal that can survive in the most ridiculous and extreme environmental conditions (including the vacuum of space). In fact, they are the most resilient animal known to exist. With four pairs of legs, four to eight claws on each leg, and a segmented body formation, the Tardigrade can survive without food or water for more than 30 years at which point they can revive from a state of holding only 3% of their original body water and continue living and reproducing once re-hydrated. Besides their talent for survival, this animal is also fascinating to me from a purely physical standpoint.
This work accompanies the Tardigrade as we delve into the microscopic world of moss and lichen to observe its detail as well as follow this remarkable slow stepping warrior through its paces.


Full Score - for for Flute (pic.) and Vibes is aviable for purchase via the Australian Music Centre

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