Patoises I: Blue (2010)

Fixed Media and Video (quad)

Duration: 9 minutes
Composed: 2010 (CECM)

This work began with three film clips I took of the water off the eastern most cliff in Byron Bay. There were three distinguishable patches of water within the one camera view: a silvery, calm but choppy swell; a deep black-blue rising every few seconds with an occasional foam-kissed wave; and one which fell in between these two. These clips were the beginning of the process, especially for the music. The day I filmed them it was habitually windy for this headland and so despite the use of a tripod, the clips retained a sense of jittery movement which, coupled with the maximum zoom, resulted in a constantly moving, grainy texture. This inevitably seeped into the music which most simply put, echoes the natural patience and breathing of the ocean swell captured that day on the Byron Cliffs. The final film clip which I added was a result of an animal like presence I injected into the sound - one day a friend and I found a remarkable little creature, tiny as it was, on the shore of a favourite QLD beach. It had arms and legs, presumably something that resembled a head and tail proportionally, but its body was coloured silver with lines of vibrant blue stretching down its sides and metallic-feathery limbs. We were completely fascinated with it - and never found out what the little thing really.