Nabunum's Water (2017)

Chamber Orchestra

Duration: 13 minutes | Composed: 2017 (Australian Youth Orchestra Commission) | Premiered The Gallery, Melbourne, conducted by Ariel Zuckermann | Commissioned by the Australian Youth Orchestra.

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This work is based on the Indigenous Australian story of Tiddalik the giant frog. One day Tiddalik decided to drink all of the fresh water in the world, causing him to become a giant frog. All of the other animals noticed how dry and dead everything became after that and sought out to find a way to return the water to the world. One by one they tried to get Tiddalik to laugh, hoping that that would cause the giant frog to accidently release all of the water he had taken. No one was succeeding. Then one day Nabunum, the eel, came out of the dry mud and danced in front of Tiddalik, tying himself into all sorts of knots. Finally this worked and Tiddalik released all of the water back into the world with his laugh at Nabunum’s antics.

I – As Normal
II – Tiddalik takes the water
III – Barren land
IV – Negotiating with Tiddalik
V – Water Spills


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