The Intoxicated Poet (2009)

Three Female Vocalists and Amplification (+ reverb)

Duration: 11 minutes | Composed: 2009 (Modart 09) | Premiered August 09 - The Salon, Melbourne Recital Center, Australia. | Performed and Recorded by The Sydney Song Company.

This work is inspired by Neitzsche’s Thus Spoke Zarathustra, in particular this song from Part IV of the book.

Woe is me! Where has the time fled? Did I not sink into deep wells? The world is asleep – Ah! Ah! The dog howls, the moon is shining. I will rather die, die, than tell you what my midnight heart is now thinking. Now I am dead. It is finished. Spider, why do you spin you web around me? Do you want blood? Ah! Ah! The dew is falling, the hour has come - the hour which chills and freezes me, Which asks and asks and asks: “Who has heart enough for it? - who shall be master of the world?”
- Section 4 The Intoxicated Song, Part IV, Thus Spoke Zarathustra


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