How Dragonflies Cross the Ocean (2011)

String Quartet

Duration: 10 minutes | Composed: 2011 (Australian String Quartet) | Adelaide, Australia (July 2011). Commissioned as part of the ASQ National Composers Forum 2011 | Recording: Performance by Madelyn Parnas & Delyana Lazarova (Violins), Rose Wollman (Viola), Jae Y. Choi (Cello).

This composition for string quartet is inspired by the natural phenomenon of the longest migration of any insect on earth: the dragonfly Pantala Flavescens, more commonly known as the globe skimmer. I felt an incredibly strong link to the idea of the fragile, but stereotypically majestic insect making such an unanticipated journey for the entire duration of its life. In fact, it takes four generations of this dragonfly to complete the circuit it starts out initially from India.
For me personally I attached myself to the idea of global travel and the constancy of change that moves around you while trying to stay focused and centered on some kind of direction. This composition is about following a line through episodes of tension and climactic strain, all with the purpose of settling into a flow which is more calm and soothing but that still inherently connects back to the experiences which lead into it.


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