Die Hohle Höhle (2009)

Fixed Audio

Duration: 5 minutes | Composed: 2009 | Presented at SEAMUS 2010 Miami Florida

This piece is written around the narrative of Zarathustra moving back and forward between a cave (where he spent several years in isolation and contemplation) and a mountain top. My purpose was to capture both the imagery and narrative of trying to move away from the cave, which behaves like a hollow resonant space which is cluttered and confused by the intrusions of men (Zarathustras ‘higher men’) and animals. The character and mood is also meant to reflect this need to escape the damp, self-critical and damning environment that the cave has become. The sounds I have used are symbolic of important concepts used throughout Nietzsche’s oeuvre, such as intoxication (Dionysus) which is represented by the recorded sound of a ringing wineglass (which is later sampled and becomes the viola da gamba – like sonority), turning the pages of a book (the book recorded is actually Thus Spoke Zarathustra…), and footsteps (both Nietzsche and his ‘alter ego’ Zarathustra did a great deal of walking in solitary – this assisted in thinking clearly and was a valuable means of staying in touch with nature) which I also use to evoke a sense of restlessness and pacing within the cave. Giving this piece a title in German was a response to the few snippets of ‘reversed’ spoken text in the piece which ended up sounding of a vaguely German quality.