Dendrologue (2015)

Solo Piano
Recording Coming Soon

Duration: 7 minutes | Composed: 2015 (Gabriella Smart, Of Broken Trees and Elephant Ivories project) | World Premiere: Adelaide 2016 | Recording: Coming Soon.

Dendrologue is a made up word - in the context of this piece though it is a combination of 'dendrology' (the science of studying trees), and 'logue' (both 'dialogue' and 'to keep a record'). I ended up focusing on the wooden aspect of the piano, both because of your title for the project and that I couldn't get the location and Tasmania's wonderful forests out of my head when writing the piece, as per the brief when commissioned by Gabriella Smart for this work. The sound of the piece is meant to give the impression of memory and age ... where it's beginning state is mid-decay (and 'from far away'), and with each variation the image/impression gets 'older' and looses more of itself.


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