House of the Beehives (2015)

Flute, Oboe, and Fixed-Electronics

Duration: 19 minutes | Composed: 2015 (Inventi Ensemble, Melbourne Australia) | World Premiere: Bendigo International Festival of Experimental Music, Sept. 2015) | Recording: Performance by Inventi Ensemble - Melissa Doecke (flute), Ben Opie (Oboe). Winner of the Left Coast Ensemble Composition Prize 2016.

Originally inspired by Italo Calvino’s Difficult Loves, this work explores several different facets of the fascinating yet grisly tale “The House of the Beehives”. I won’t reveal much about the story here except for that I’ve grouped the tale into four thematic areas, the first of which returns at the end, full circle:

I – Hermit (chorale)
II – Bees (toccata)
III – Into the Woods (the wall)
IV – The Encounter …to see the terror and shame in her eyes
V – The Hermit (Like a sinking memory-go-round)

The result is a prickly, pagan-esk unfolding that begins with the opening chorale theme, and slowly sinks into an uncertain world that wavers somewhere in between the lost and the found --- unmasking the central character as an alienated but profoundly content human being.


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