Attic Tragedy (2008)

Symphony Orchestra

Duration: 7 minutes | Composed: 2008 (Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra) | Premiered Hobart 2008 | Recorded by The Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Kenneth Young.

2(pic).2(EH).2(Bass).2(contra)/ harp/strings

This work is based on the ancient Greek drama called "Attic Tragedy" (Attica was a state in ancient Greece of which Athens was the capital).

It was while reading Nietzsche, in particular The Birth of Tragedy that I discovered this form of ancient theatre existed, and thereafter became intrigued by the dichotomy between Dionysus (nature) and Apollo (rationality) as revealed throughout the dramatic masterpieces of this era.

There are said to be anywhere from four to six 'sections' belonging to the Attic Tragedy form, four of which are illustrated here.

I - Agons (the challenge)
II - The Messenger
III - Threnos (Lament)
IV - Anagnorisis (revelations, discovery)


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