Two Brave Apples in Winter (2007)

Wind Orchestra

Duration: 6 minutes | Composed: 2007 (Queensland Conservatorium of Music) | Premiered Queensland Conservatorium of Music Griffith University, 2007 | Performed and recorded by the Queensland Conservatorium of Music Wind Orchestra.

This composition is based on a few literary fixations I had during my time in the UK. They are represented here as brief postcard-like tone poems, full of the colours, experiences and thoughts I have encountered and lived with over the past 6 months.

The first Apple (The Greatest Wandering Minstrels in all the Land) is based on a wonderful book I have had the great privilege of reading many times, and that has continued to be an infallible encouragement throughout my new and recent experiences. The music narrates the story as Two Wandering Minstrels inspire a special and very peculiar local called Millie to bring life and colour to her town, and by teaching her to dance make her feel brave and free to express herself no matter what people think…..but they still have far away places to explore, so at the end you can hear them picking up the journey once again but with a new contagious spirit caught from their young creative friend. This movement is dedicated to Alexandra Dirié who I know also holds this little treasure.

The Second and, for now, Final Apple (In Between the Cosmicomics) is a theoretical link to a great deal of the inspiration behind my creative output while I’ve been in London. I imagine quite strongly a sound world that exists in the literary works of Italo Calvino, and in this movement I chose to conjure up the world I imagine that continues to exist as you turn those blank pages in between each of his Cosmicomic tales. It is almost like being suspended in space from the last story while being plunged forward into the next one without the faintest idea of what is to come. Dedicated to Gerardo Dirié who never ceases to encourage, motivate, and inspire.


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