Antumbra (2022)

Percussion Solo (Vibraphone and Glockenspiel) and Fixed-audio.
Recording Coming Soon

Duration: 6 minutes | Composed: 2022 | World Premiere: tba | Commissioned by Claire Edwardes | Recording: Coming Soon.

The antumbra (from Latin ante, "before") is the region from which an occluding body appears entirely within the disc of a light source. Most often associated with the sun and moon, an observer in the antumbra region would experience an annular eclipse, in which a bright ring is visible around the eclipsing body. If the observer moves closer to the light source, the apparent size of the occluding body increases until it causes a full umbra.
The three movements (I – Suspended, II – Canon, III – Time) of this composition are a play on this phenomena, where the percussionists part mostly functions as an occluding body and the electronic track drifts and projects around the acoustic percussion like a light source responding to a solid object.

SCORE SAMPLE (percussion part)

Full Score - is avilable from the Australian Music Centre